m-broker.de nimmt den Schutz Ihrer Daten ernst.

We are always endeavoured to collect and use all personal related data in accordance to the respective effective data privacy laws. With this data protection explanation m-broker.de wants to illustrate which data is absolutely needed and how you can gain additional profit through indicating more voluntary data. Your data shall only be collected and saved if you have agreed on it.

1. Personal Data which we absolutely need for your Identification

If you register yourself as a client we ask you some personal information. You will be asked the data which m-broker.de needs to provide you with the respective application or performance. According to the application or performance it will be collected: Address, first name, surname, birth date, postal address (street, postal code, place, country), telephone number, fax number, e-mail, credit card (number, expiry date and the card verification code).

2. Saving and using your necessary Data

For processing your reservation we save your order data. We send you these data together with our General Terms and Conditions by our confirmation e-mail. You can look into our General Terms and Conditions anytime here. You cannot access your order data in the internet because of safety reasons. We only use your personal data to provide you with the selected application or performance. This also includes passing on the needed data to the supplier in order to work on the booking (driver’s name, etc.). In case you should not agree we cannot provide you with the selected application or performance.

3. Advanced Data Collection, -Storage and Processing

In case you grant m-broker the permit to collect, use and process more voluntarily given data for individual information and supervision m-broker.de will store your personal data not only for the current motive but will also use your data for these reasons. Some services of m-broker are offered together with partner companies. To be able to offer this partner service it is necessary for us to transfer your personal data to our partner companies. Your data will only be used for the respective application or performance with our partner. If another company than m-broker.de collects and/or processes data we will inform you about it.

4. Method of Data Evaluation

m-broker.de will make analysis about the attitude of the visitors on the m-broker pages. This is due to the fact that m-broker wants to improve its Service Offering Portfolio. These analysis are not personal related but will be carried out pseudonymously.

5. Utilization of Cookies

m-broker is using so called session related cookies. A cookie is a small text file which your web browser is storing in your temporary internet buffer that all user functions of the entire offer of one supplier can be realized. In case you deactivate the cookies in your web browser you will not be able to use many important functions of m-broker.de.

6. Deleting personal related Data

You deserve the right to acquire gratuitously information about your stored data as well as the case might be the right to correction, suspension or deletion of these data. If you have any queries about the data collection, data processing or the use of your personal related data, in case of information, correction, suspension or deletion of data please contact:

mbroker - Mietwagen24 mw GmbH   
Brunnenstr. 70/71
13355 Berlin

You can also send us an e-mail to: info@m-broker.de.

In case you should disagree with the storage and the processing of your data m-broker.de cannot supply you any more with the service of the newsletter or the profit play.

7. Safety Guarantee

In case of credit card abuse due to a booking on our website most credit card institutes bear all the expenses related to the credit card abuse or are liable for all amounts which exceed the equity ratio. If your credit card institute commits you to the payment of the equity ratio m-broker will definitely bear the payment for you. Pre-condition is that the abuse of your credit card was due to a purchase with m-broker which has been done on the security server as well as that the credit card abuse has not been taken place due to your own fault. Another pre-condition is that your credit card institute has been informed immediately about the abuse. In such a case please contact us immediately by e-mail: info@m-broker.de.

8. Secure Transmission and Protection of personal related Data and Information

We are using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to transfer personal related data/information like credit card number, name and address. All information which is transferred with this most secure method world wide will be encrypted before it is sent to us. Depending on your browser software the SSL will be effected with 40 or 128 bit.

9. Miscellaneous

All systems in which customer data is stored are protected by a password.

10. Legal Advice

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